Trippy Dippy Destination

Such a fun piece. I trimmed the edges with very old clumpy paint and began filling in with paint from other creations. Where I couldn’t fill in … Read more

Smile with Me

Some days I need to hold a paint brush. It’s a large canvas with bigger brush strokes than I would normally do. I smile almost every time … Read more

Fun Forks in the Road

Applied blots of acyrlic paint and used a number of forks to blend colors, but not overblend.

Charred Condiments

This wasn’t what I planned for the canvas. I applied latex with painting knife and stroked it along. Something about it disturbs me yet feel comforting.

Working Thru It

Created this Alzheimer’s piece by “casting” paint onto the canvas hanging from the wall. I used a leftover piece of flooring insulation to “cast”. I’d also only … Read more


Flat paint with acrylics, pulled with bamboo stakes.

Grape Jam

Reminded me of grape jam scraped with a fork across toast. I was playing with a flat paint and acrylics on top. I like it better unframed.

Chocolate Delight

Applied acrylic paint to base, finished it off with blade, then flicked latex paint onto the acrylic.