Projects I Support

Art has been my therapy for the past several years and I have a large collection of work. It’s been a journey getting this far, finding an organization to support. It’s not for lack of ideas, as you may surmise from my Collections – Alzheimer’s and mental health being the most prevalent.

My criteria are personal but are only selected after much research and contemplation. To be clear, I am not a charitable foundation and you are going to have to pay Massachusetts sales tax. I am donating a portion of the purchase price to the organization which is noted on the creations that go into the Support collection.

This charity is unique in that the funds I am earmarking are going to another group but I want to raise awareness for Veterans. 22Mohawks is proud to provide assistance to veterans who need help with navigating the struggles of everyday life when they return home from duty. 

Be it physical, mental, or financial support, we strive to do everything in our power to improve the lives of veterans while combating PTSD and raising awareness for the prevalence of veteran suicide among our former service members.