Daffodil Crocus

This was so fun, only working with two colors representing my flowering daffodils and crocus. The yellow paint was a little thick so I was able to … Read more


The colors of spring, greening of grass, trees, and plants with colors from flowers beginning to pop inspired this creation. There is nothing like new spring green … Read more

Chakra Straws

To replace a creation gifted to a friend, I dipped canvas sheets in paint and rolled up, following the color of the chakras. The base of black … Read more

It was a rough week 2

The intention was to create a brighter vs darker piece. I used the contents of some of my squeeze bottles to blend a warmer based and added … Read more

Looking Up

A small green canvas that went unused finally became the foundation for this colorful piece. Colors were dropped randomly and then I used the backside of a … Read more

Ode to Mom

My mother didn’t willingly forfeit her license or car. When we finally got it away, the Registry of Motor Vehicles told me to destroy her plates. I … Read more

And So It Blows

Working with older paint and colors that remind me of Cape Cod in spring. Decided to use blow dryer to stretch the paint’s boundaries, allowing them to … Read more

Cracked Marble Plate

After my mom moved into a memory facility, I had to clean out her home. My parents purchased many Cape Cod plates and I brought them all … Read more

Wildflowers June ’22

Was picking flowers for my mother and a friend’s mother, some from my gardens and some from my wildflower garden. The wildflowers were so captivating I cut … Read more

Thanksgiving Roses

A beautiful bouquet from my father and his girlfriend for 2021 Thanksgiving. The flowers lasted about 3 weeks and kept inspiring me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to … Read more

Plated Sushi Went Bad

This piece was created from a recycled canvas “sushi” is made from paint scraps, rolled into a baseball size, dipped in semi-gloss and cut by hand. Slicing … Read more


I really dislike waste so I try to save and repurpose paint scraps. Many of these scraps were rolled, crushed, pressed into balls and set aside. As … Read more

Inner Child

Began this after deciding to paint my inner child. There is some pink, gold and a dash of green hiding underneath but the black corner is thick … Read more

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Began this piece on January 1, 2022, as my version of a self portrait. Although I enjoyed working on it, I did not like the outcome. I … Read more