Bike Ride on a Rainy Day

Inspired by the colors of nature and flowers during a drizzly walk with my dog, I splattered bright and fluorescent colors on a thick light green paint. … Read more

NOAPS Landscape

The National Acrylic & Oil Painter’s Society posted a photograph of a landscape and let it open to artists to interpret and post on social media. This … Read more

Daffodil Crocus

This was so fun, only working with two colors representing my flowering daffodils and crocus. The yellow paint was a little thick so I was able to … Read more

My wildflowers

One of my favorite photos of my wildflowers happens to be my phone wallpaper. It’s beautiful, bright, diverse and reminds me of nature’s ability to nurture the … Read more

Bamboo forest

A former classmate, Doug Meehan, inspires me with his photography. His photo of the bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan truly mesmerized me. Not one of my favorite … Read more


The colors of spring, greening of grass, trees, and plants with colors from flowers beginning to pop inspired this creation. There is nothing like new spring green … Read more

No Two Cranberries Are Alike

Created twin paintings for twins using cranberries as my inspiration. And even though the paintings have same colors, applied in same manner, they are not identical.

Kitchen Towels

Strips of canvas, dipped and line dried, were added to a canvas with colors from my gardens. I meant to finish it but once I hung in … Read more

Peony Petals

After my mother came off hospice, I wanted to create something new for her home. This piece was inspired by peony petals dropping from arrangements. Cut canvas … Read more

Sticky Fingers

Used my fingers to pull back the green tacky paint to uncover the pink base. I was itching to get in my gardens and dig in the … Read more

Birds in Motion

Inspired by the stunning coordination of birds in & out of my feeders. The colors represents the various birds throughout the year. Initially I planned to border … Read more

Make Someone Happy

Inspired by nature, how flowers make me feel in spring…happy. Used my hands to apply and blend as I brushed my hands along and then added a … Read more

Decidedly Done for Now

My first year of delphiniums and their almost fluorescent color inspired this piece (as well as a blurred photo). Although it’s almost monochromatic, there is depth in … Read more

Confused Hydrangea

With the lack of rain this summer, my hydrangea struggled, just as I did when creating this piece. Using the blow dryer moved the drying paint to … Read more

Rough Seas

Began with old, thick latex paint that I spread with my fingers, moving clumps of harder paint around. Continued to apply splashes of blues along with white … Read more

Magic Mushroom

Inspired by a friend’s hike in Boulder and a photo sent of huge red speckled mushroom that reminded me of something from Alice in Wonderland. I mounded … Read more