My Heart Is Open

I was hit by a burst of creative energy later on a Friday afternoon. Great day, full of laughter and love. I realized my heart open for … Read more


Mimosas can come in different shades, depending on the type of orange juice and how much prosecco. This piece has aspects of blood orange juice as well … Read more

Finally Resolved

I began this piece in in February of 2022 and didn’t complete until November of 2023. It was older paint and very dark. I simply could not … Read more

Small Pink Ball

This was an experiment with 2 colors and a small rubber ball, rolled around to create a pattern in February of 2022. The piece remained in my … Read more

What Lies Beneath

A very frustrating piece that I struggled with finding the right place to stop. There were so many times but the paint wasn’t thick enough for me … Read more

Sticky Fingers

Used my fingers to pull back the green tacky paint to uncover the pink base. I was itching to get in my gardens and dig in the … Read more

Purple Prison

Began applying soft acrylics with my hand, enjoying the movement and blending of purple, pink and watered down white latex paint that was leftover from another creation. … Read more

Sun Plasters Me

Although yellow flowers were the initial muse, I was unhappy with the progression. I mixed plaster in with the paint to cover and used to my hands … Read more

Decidedly Done for Now

My first year of delphiniums and their almost fluorescent color inspired this piece (as well as a blurred photo). Although it’s almost monochromatic, there is depth in … Read more

Rough Seas

Began with old, thick latex paint that I spread with my fingers, moving clumps of harder paint around. Continued to apply splashes of blues along with white … Read more

Orange is my Name

While walking with one of my dogs, came upon bright orange wildflower. The paint was older and thick; I applied it by hand and pulled it with … Read more

Foggy Razor Blues

Began with teal, then rolled a ball, adding white, more teal, pink, white, and finally dark purple, rolling around after each paint addition. After that I shaved … Read more

Wildflowers June ’22

Was picking flowers for my mother and a friend’s mother, some from my gardens and some from my wildflower garden. The wildflowers were so captivating I cut … Read more

Flowers for Me

Fun piece to create but it is not one of my favorites. The challenge with abstract art is that another person might love this piece, feel it … Read more