Mimosas can come in different shades, depending on the type of orange juice and how much prosecco. This piece has aspects of blood orange juice as well … Read more

No Two Cranberries Are Alike

Created twin paintings for twins using cranberries as my inspiration. And even though the paintings have same colors, applied in same manner, they are not identical.

Kitchen Towels

Strips of canvas, dipped and line dried, were added to a canvas with colors from my gardens. I meant to finish it but once I hung in … Read more

Plated Sushi Went Bad

This piece was created from a recycled canvas “sushi” is made from paint scraps, rolled into a baseball size, dipped in semi-gloss and cut by hand. Slicing … Read more

Cotton Candy For Two

Wanted to create a pair using same colors of semi-glosses, eggshell, flat and paint pigment. When they were done, they reminded me of cotton candy. No summer … Read more

Ribbon Candy

The texture reminded me of ribbon candy, a favorite of my mother & my grandmother. It looked incomplete until I “framed” framed the edges with drips.

Charred Condiments

This wasn’t what I planned for the canvas. I applied latex with painting knife and stroked it along. Something about it disturbs me yet feel comforting.

Swirls & Twirls

I have looked at this piece every time I’ve been in the studio for the past couple years. Initially I wanted to do more with it, but … Read more


The green color reminds me of a delicious apple meeting cranberries. It’s only 2 colors, very simple, but the contrast is what I find fun.

Confetti Frosting

Combination of white flat and semi, speckled with paint pigment and rolled on.

Pepto Swirl

I really just wanted to play with unusual colors and rotating the canvas gave the piece great swirls and blends.

I Have No Idea

Playing with flat paint as a base which i flattened like plaster. Applied the next layer in same fashion but with semi gloss. The layering affect wasn’t … Read more

Candy Cane Bridge

Used a flat latex with an eggshell and brushed with basting brush once dried some. When the light hits right, the contrast in texture makes me smile. … Read more