Iris was here

Playing around with older paint from four paint cans. It was gooey and thick, fun to stick my hands in. The edges were applied by hand and … Read more

Garden Collage

Inspired by the colors of fresh flowers from my garden, I used scraps and pieces to create my own interior garden. There’s a nod to Cape Cod … Read more

I’m so not so ugly

During a short, dark emotional time, I tried to create a revolting piece by using colors I thought would clash. Vented my anger by smooshing my brush … Read more

Finally Resolved

I began this piece in in February of 2022 and didn’t complete until November of 2023. It was older paint and very dark. I simply could not … Read more

Wimbo’s Flowers

Shortly after the passing of my 14 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Wimbo, I received one of most stunning flower arrangements from dear friends. The rolling of the … Read more

Daffodil Crocus

This was so fun, only working with two colors representing my flowering daffodils and crocus. The yellow paint was a little thick so I was able to … Read more

My wildflowers

One of my favorite photos of my wildflowers happens to be my phone wallpaper. It’s beautiful, bright, diverse and reminds me of nature’s ability to nurture the … Read more

Peony Petals

After my mother came off hospice, I wanted to create something new for her home. This piece was inspired by peony petals dropping from arrangements. Cut canvas … Read more

Christmas Peonies

A gorgeous arrangement of peonies around the holidays gave me the inspiration for this creation. The colors were applied in ladles and rolled out. I love this … Read more

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday flowers from one of my favorite people. I focused in on three roses, one solid dark pink and two dusty rose with darker pink. I had … Read more

Decidedly Done for Now

My first year of delphiniums and their almost fluorescent color inspired this piece (as well as a blurred photo). Although it’s almost monochromatic, there is depth in … Read more

Orange is my Name

While walking with one of my dogs, came upon bright orange wildflower. The paint was older and thick; I applied it by hand and pulled it with … Read more

Wildflowers June ’22

Was picking flowers for my mother and a friend’s mother, some from my gardens and some from my wildflower garden. The wildflowers were so captivating I cut … Read more

Thanksgiving Roses

A beautiful bouquet from my father and his girlfriend for 2021 Thanksgiving. The flowers lasted about 3 weeks and kept inspiring me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to … Read more

Scent of Lilacs

Last lilacs of 2022 and trying to capture the essence of their aroma. Added some brighter greens and didn’t stir a purple so there would be more … Read more

Flowers for Me

Fun piece to create but it is not one of my favorites. The challenge with abstract art is that another person might love this piece, feel it … Read more